IT's a new world

IT's a new world

In an era of stock market swings and interrelated markets, investors have learned the hard way that the traditional mix of stocks and bonds may no longer provide the returns you need. There are opportunities to be found in today's markets, but it takes new thinking to find them.

So what do i do with my money?.

The New Diversification

Portfolios today must be more dynamic – flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing markets – and more diverse than ever before. The new diversification must bridge the differences among asset classes, global markets, investment styles and time horizons, as well as types of risk. Studies show that asset allocation has a greater impact on investment returns than an ability to time markets or pick stocks.

Five Practical Actions for a More Dynamic, Diverse Portfolio:

1- Rethink the cost of Cash

2- Seek Income in Different Places

3- Open Your Eyes to Alternatives

4- Expand Your Indexing

5- Use Your longevity.

Contact your financial adviser of our group to discuss how these ideas might work for your portfolio.

CM Group. Built for this times.

We have the vast depth of knowledge and breadth of capabilities to build the more dynamic, diverse portfolios these times require. CM  brings it all together for you: a full range of active and passive strategies, including our industry-leading iShares; a deep belief in data and analytical rigour; and an ability to look across asset classes, geographies and investment strategies.




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