Our Consultants

Our Consultants

“Do what is right, let the consequence follow.” It serves as a daily reminder that success will indeed come and go, but integrity is forever.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Owner / Advisor & Principal

Mr Mustafa Celepoglu   Turkey, Europe, Russian Federation, CIS and Eurasian Countries -

Mr Emre Berkin               —  WorldWide

Advisors & Consultants & Partners ( CM's Veterans )

Turkey : 

Mr Levent Erturhan           —  Project & Business Development , Russian Federation and CIS counties

Mr Hayrettin Reis              —  Project & Business Development , Russian Federation and CIS counties

Mr Kamal Al Zawadi          —  Project & Business Development , GCC, Middle East and Africa

Mrs Jurika Fratiwi             —  Project & Business Development, Indonesia and neighboring countries.

Mr Mehmet Sahin             —  Project & BUsiness Development, Europe and African continent

Mr Bora Sen                    Project Development, Russian Federation & Algeria

Mr Elbruz Azgur           Trade Development, Russian Federation & CIS countries

Mr Bekir Korkmaz           Business Development, Russian Federation & CIS countries

Mrs Sema Oral          —   Trade and Business Development, Turkey

Mrs Mahshid Ghaznavi    — Project & Business Development, Iran

Mr Mustafa Gokberk    —  Project & Hotel Development, Turkey    

Mr Kemal Ozansoy      — Technical Advisor for hotels, Turkey

Mr Ertugrul Yucel       — Project Development ( Architecture )

Mr  Mustafa Cenit      — Construction Development


Mr  Cuneyt Erturk       —  Certified Authorised Accountant

Mrs Hale Dincer         —  Business Development and Fiinance

Mr Halil Ucarkaya       —  Finance& Business Development

Mr  Imdat Senol          —  Accounting and Audit

Mr  Avni Bilgin             —  Cost Control & Budgeting

Mr Dr. Zafer Inkaya    — Human Resource Management


Mr Namik Kural        —  IT-Information Technology

Mr Ramil Gaysin       — WEB & Internet

Mr Engin Keser              Business Development


Mrs Zuhal Celikbilek   —  Project and Business Development  

Mr Mustafa Ozer         —  Land & Hotel Development

Mrs Dr Aylin Tumay      —  Environmental Impact Study

Mrs Birgul Aksoy          Licensed Real Estate Appraiser  


Mrs Francine Smits      — (Turkey) —  Executive Assistance

International :

Mrs Jurika  Fratiwi             —   Indonesia         —  Project Development 
Mr Sanjay Kalra                  —  India                 —  Project & Business Development
Mr Ali Adji                                   —  Cameroon              —  Project Development )
Mrs Laila Graoui                         — Marocco                 —  Project Development 
Mr Mouhamad Cherif                —  Tchad                     —  Project Development 
Mr Laurent Rohmer                   — France                   —
  Project Development 

Mr Christopher Green              — United Kingdom     —   Business Development
Ms Sheikha Maryam Al- Eman  — Kuwait             —  Business & Project Development
Mr Wolf Vierich                         United Kingdom     —  Finance& Fund Development

Mr Kahraman Deniz                Russian Federation —  Project Development

Mr Kamal Zawadi                 — Saudi Arabia (KSA)  Business  Development

Mrs Delia Blofield                    — Canada & USA          —  Business Development

Mr Moriel Lee                        — Hong Kong              —  Finance& Fund Development

Mrs Ahriana Plaaten           — USA                         —  SpomsorShip Development

Mr Igor Motsghalov            — Baltic Countries       —  Business Development

Mr Ronald Meier                   — Switzerland            —  Business Development ( Albania & Indonesia )

Mr Chet Arnstein                 — USA                         —  Business Development

Mr Alp Yavuzduman               — Germany                  — Project and Business Development ( Company Partner )

Mr Ivo Mwambo Ngale       — Cameroon                — Business Development

Mr Eelco Vaags                      — Nedherland               e-business and Marketing

Mr Gokhan izidogru                 Nedherland              —  Business Development

Mrs Filiz Bilgin                      — Canada                      —  Training and Coaching

Mr Huseyin Telek                     Russian Federation     Financeand Audit

Mrs Valentina Zhursbas      Ukraine                       Business Development



And Our Executive Lawyers   —   (Turkey and Russian Federation & CIS Countries)   —   Legal Professionals

Ms Zelal Sengüler    The head of our Legal works — Business Development






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